Open today 12-16
Open today 12-16

Craft Rituals

Craft Rituals is a colourful fairy tale world and an experimental multifaceted work of art in the borderland between the tactile, analogue and digital. Specially composed music, a 50-metre-long film projection, ritual handicraft installations and interactive instruments create an extraordinary, playful and meditative experience!

Inspired by Norse mythology and legends of the Norns - the three goddesses Urd, Verdandi and Skuld, who sit and spin threads at the foot of the world tree - we tell a hypervisual tale of wool, the power of women, sustainability and craftsmanship as a superpower.

Played here by women in the 70-80 age range, the Norns are beautiful beings with magical powers; they spin the threads of life on their mysterious spinning wheels, repair the warp in the weave of life and maintain balance in the Earth’s cycle.

The story has many roots and is about valuing and making the most of the resources around us for a sustainable future – from traditional craftsmanship and spectacular natural materials, to the knowledge and beauty of our elders. Craft Rituals is created by artist Aia Jüdes, who curated Next Level Craft 2018.

Craft Rituals is a Nordic project with participants and influences from Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Textile Museum supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, the Västra Götaland Region, the Swedish Arts Council and the City of Stockholm.

Lead Artist/Producer: Aia Jüdes
Illustrator/Graphic Designer: Sanna Haverinen
3D Animator: Dennis Vera

Music: Elias Grind & Aia Jüdes
Vocals: Aiwa Kumpulainen (Urd), Kristin Björk Kristjansdottir (Verdandi), Kajsa Alvin (Skuld)

Technical Producer: Benny Britten-Austin (Mevida)
Cameraman: Peter Osslund
Film editing: Aia Jüdes

Norns: Maria Llerena (Urd), Inger Engelstoft (Verdandi), Ingmari Lamy (Skuld)
Choreographer: Anna Näsström
Costume Designers: Johanna Hofring & Tor Söderin
Hair & Makeup Artist: Maurine Tugavune

Interactive instruments: Aia Jüdes & Benny Britten-Austin
Interactive technology: Janne Kemi

Branch Weaving Scenography: Karin Frankenstein & Tomas Auran
Birch bark crafts: Örjan Falk & Göran Engelin

Lighting: Anders Westlund (Ljusdesign)

Photo collage: Aia Jüdes / Sanna Haverinen / Dennis Vera

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