Open today 12-16
Open today 12-16

Photo: Designer (from left): Axel Danhard, Matilda Envall, Simon Mattisson

Ung Svensk Form 2023

FORM & Folk and Svensk Form Väst present Ung Svensk Form 2023 at the Textile Museum of Sweden. The exhibition presents the 23 winners of Young Swedish Design, now celebrating its 25th year. They invite the audience to reflecton whatdesign can do for people and societies. And they do it with furniture, fashion, architecture, industrial design, craft and graphic design.

This year’s line-up is brimming with circular ingenuity – leftovers are turned into furniture by humans and bark beetles alike, waste products ranging from the sun to baby clothing are put to good use, and disassembled spills from previous constructions are given new life. Complete with thought-provoking depictions of our digital lives and all-in-one solutions for clothing and interiors, Ung Svensk Form provides a sampling of our time’s most pressing issues.

Ung Svensk Form 2023 is a co-production between Svensk Form and IKEA Museum. The project is carried out in collaboration with IKEA of Sweden, the City of Malmö, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish Wood and a long list of exhibition organisers and scholarship donors. The exhibition opens in February 2023 at Greenhouse during Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The exhibition at the Textile Museum of Sweden is presented by FORM & Folk External link, opens in new window. and Svensk Form Väst. External link.

The winners of Ung Svensk Form 2023 are:

Simon Bågstam – Essing External link.
Karin Bäckström – Seemingly ordinary External link.
Mia Bøgedal Troelsgaard – 2-in-1 designs, Distorted to fit External link.
Martina Claesson & Luisa Wirth – ON/OFF Grid External link.
Axel Danhard – På nya spår External link.
Olof Davidsson – Spread External link.
Matilda Envall – The Story of a Dress External link.
Ebba Hedlund – Actissance External link.
Lars Høie – Letters from Utopia External link.
Natalia Ikebara – Hemi External link.
Lovisa Ingman – Efterlevnadsliv External link.
Christoffer Jansson – Uncanny Spaces External link.
Sophie Jungkvist – Woven change, Shifting expressions External link.
Laura Kjær – Super Superficial External link.
Jasmijn Kooijman – Dansa min docka External link.
Hedvig Ljungström – Mother Elizabeth External link.
Frida McDavitt Wallin – Sandhagen 2 External link.
Simon Mattisson – Granland External link.
Taurai Valerie Mtake – *madímì External link.
Maja Möller – Knuten/Fastknuten External link.
Olle Sahlqvist – Biomimicry Furniture Design External link.
David Selander – Fotografier från Stockholm External link.
Oliver Weglinski – Carbon Care Work External link.

The jury of Ung Svensk Form 2023:
Samir Alj Fält, Parasto Backman, Caroline B. Le Bongoat (chairman), Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, Johanna Sjögren Duthy, Sandra Frank, Jonas Fridén Kihl, Demian Horst, Magnus Ingerstedt, Åsa Jungnelius, Anna Lidström, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Petra Lilja, Tor Lindstrand (chairman), Björn Nordin, Johanna Magoria, Marie Isacsson, Bea Szenfeld, Andreas Säfström och Mats Widbom.

About Ung Svensk Form

Ung Svensk Form is an arena for young design. The project was created with the aim of increasing the knowledge and widening the scope of new, innovative Swedish design; helping it reach new audiences.

The exhibition offers designers a possibility to meet the audience and manufacturers, a chance to initiate dialogue and establish new contacts.

The project was initiated by Svensk Form and Form/Design Center in 1998.

Ung Svensk Form is a co production between Svensk Form (The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and IKEA Museum in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and the City of Malmö.

The previous exhibitions created quite a stir both in Sweden and internationally, many of the past exhibitors are well established within their fields today.

This exhibition is shown in the Small Exhibition Hall on the second floor.
See the full map External link.

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